Meeting Time: February 08, 2024 at 9:00am EST
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Agenda Item

4 23-5293 *Consider the recommendation of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for the installation of a splash pad/water park in all Bayview Park Redesign/Improvement Plans.

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    Ana Maria Ferraz 4 months ago

    I believe adding a splash pad will improve the park tremendously and bring more families from around to enjoy its surroundings.

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    Justin Jangraw 4 months ago

    A splash pad at Bay View park would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood as it will bring life to the park - and kids and families. This improvement will make the park safer and also more vibrant. I live with my family (with 3 kids) immediately adjacent to the park and would enjoy being able to send my kids to play without worrying about their safety. A splash pad would be a huge step in the right direction. Thank you!

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    Niveen Elwerr 4 months ago

    Splash pad at Bayview Park is a wonderful idea

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    Kim Cartwright 4 months ago

    I think that it would be a wonderful idea to allow Bayview Park to be upgraded to include a splash pad and a safe area for children to play

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    Keilah Frickson 4 months ago

    We want more safe places for our kids and teenagers! Improvements at Bayview Park are vital for local families.

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    Angela Hankins 4 months ago

    Bay View park is perfectly situated to be an attraction for the many children who frequent the area. I am wholeheartedly in favor of developing the park with the singular focus of creating a space for children to enjoy.

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    Albena Pechakova 4 months ago

    A splash pad will greatly benefit the many families and children that live in the area, as well as the nearby schools. The park is very well located in proximity to both Old and New Town, and close to the school system, but it’s not currently attractive to families.

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    Sarah Carleton 4 months ago

    A splashed would be a wonderful addition to the park. It would create a more livable neighborhood.

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    Katie Leigh 4 months ago

    A splash pad is needed at Bayview Park. Prioritize the neighborhood children!

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    Robert Wright 4 months ago

    If we could clean up the park and keep individuals from bathing in the splash pad, I would fully support this endeavor.

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    Tara Darmante 4 months ago

    I support a splash pad at bay view park to enhance community involvement

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    Dustin Hunter 4 months ago

    Please adopt the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board's recommendation for the installation of a splash pad at Bayview park. My children, as well as the many other children that either live in the neighborhood or who attend HOB or the Boy's and Girl's club, would make great use of it. It would attract the families of our community, which in turn, would make the park safer. Please adopt the recommendation. Thank you for allowing me to be heard. -Dustin Hunter