Meeting Time: September 16, 2020 at 5:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

19 20-6078 PROPOSED ADD-ON: An Uncodified Ordinance of the City of Key West, Florida, to mandate that certain business establishments who wish to allow seating at bar counters for their patrons adhere to social distancing requirements; Declaring the Ordinance to be an emergency measure; Providing for penalties; Providing for severability; Providing for repeal of inconsistent provisions; Providing for an effective and sunset date.

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    Bruce York 3 months ago

    I vigorously oppose this 'emergency ' directive. The time has come to ease up on business owners, and in this case, bars. The penalties that you are planning to dole out are excessive, unfair, unreasonable, mean-spirited, uninformed and downright cruel. I beg and implore you to let these businesses open according to the governor's decree, and give them a chance to get on their feet. They, like so many of us, have went through much pain and loss. The very nature of bars makes social distancing difficult. I hope that you have faith in this process, open the bars, and wish them good luck. They are so important to our community. Please move down the path of reopening, NOT penalties!

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    JJ KW 3 months ago

    The penalties in this ordinance added to the agenda less than 24 hours before the meeting are too dracronian.

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    Traci Herr 3 months ago

    Way to harsh to fine any business who is out of compliance regarding patrons not social distancing. The onus should not be placed on the business to police this because service industry workers are not trained to protect themselves when patrons get aggressive and violent. Currently code enforcement and the police are the only ones that have self-defense training, so they should be the ones to enforce it. Until service industry staff is trained in self-defense, business should not be fined or asked to enforce ordinances that put them at risk of physical harm.

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    Eric Gates 3 months ago

    Adding this agenda item in less than 24 hours before the meeting only shows what kind of dishonest people you are and that you only want to find ways to get money from businesses and to destroy them.
    How many people and businesses are aware of this proposed ordinance? I don't think many. And you just don't want people to know, you don't want any opposition. If nobody is aware of your evil plan then nobody can oppose it. How convenient!
    Those bars are struggling to stay open and after everything all you want to do is to make it harder for them! Bars already operate at the limited capacity but it's not enough for you.
    Let people live normal lives, work and make money!