Meeting Time: September 16, 2020 at 5:00pm EDT
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Agenda Item

13 20-6054 An Uncodified Ordinance of the City of Key West, Florida, amending Ordinance 20-08 to mandate that individuals wear a face covering in public with certain exceptions; Declaring the Ordinance to be an emergency measure; providing for penalties; Providing for severability; Providing for repeal of inconsistent provisions; Providing for an effective and sunset date.

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    Clint Barras 4 months ago

    The science is settled; masks prevent the spread of COVID-19. I fully support following the CDC guidelines by requiring people to wear masks while in public spaces. Additionally, it is known that COVID-19 can spread by simply breathing and the National Institute of Health recommends wearing masks in public.
    Please vote yes and keep our island community safe.

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    Rich Maun 4 months ago

    This is causing a lot of problems with animosity and enforcement and should just require masks inside businesses.

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    Doreen Eppy 4 months ago

    No masks outside while social distancing! This is a what the county has in place and it goes along with our percentages and phase we are supposed to be in. Tourism is our #1 industry here. This outdated mandate needs to change. Our city needs to move forward while dealing with Covid. There are far reaching negative impacts both mentally and economically as a result of these strict mandates, and they need to be taken into consideration! We voted for all of you to do what is best for our us, and just because the city's income is "up" as claimed, this does not translate to all of the actual small businesses in this town. Please lift our people back up, not just your income!!!

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    Bruce York 4 months ago

    I firmly oppose mandating the citizens and tourists of Key West to wear face coverings at all times outdoors, even if social distancing is possible. This directive is unfair, unreasonable, unconstitutional and plain cruel. Much medical evidence has opposed the wearing of masks outdoors, because there is no proof of their effectiveness. Many people are complaining of illness, irritation and throat and nasal problems due to the persistent wearing of masks. It is time to remove the directive mandating masks outdoors. It is time to give the people a break and let them breathe freely once again. It is time to move one step closer to normalcy. The people of Key West deserve it!

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    Jane Winfrey 4 months ago

    Dear Commissioners: We support mutual protection for all, by requiring facial coverings whenever and wherever persons MIGHT find themselves within 8 feet of each other. That means everyone should have a mask handy out of doors, in case they are about to come within contagion distance with one another. You can specify the details, but this must be the goal! It is imperative that you protect life and health, including employing penalties that are real deterrents. By eliminating viral respiratory spread we will make Key West a safe place for all. We would be proud to have our island prized for being a healthy, safe travel destination - a true positive for humans and businesses. Thanks!

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    Jack Anderson 4 months ago

    This is a very simple decision. Facial coverings in public and social distancing dramatically reduce the spread of contagion; so sayeth every reputable infectious disease specialist on the planet. Airborne pathogens care not a whit about political affiliations nor economic situation.

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    Winnie DeMent 4 months ago

    Fauci says do not wear a mask outside alone. He says pull it up when you get within 6 feet of people. Why have a law that has ZERO science or medical advice behind it? Amend this language to say when alone or in family living group and more than 6 feet away from others.

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    Ulrich Bernier 4 months ago

    Dear Mayor/Commissioners--I disagree with 3(b), the wearing of face masks at all times when outside a dwelling because this requirement will have negligible impact on reduction of disease transmission. Recent scientific findings described in Jones et al. (Two metres or one: what is the evidence for physical distancing in covid-19? BMJ 2020;370:m3223) support this position on relative risk. Risk outdoors is over an an order of magnitude less compared to an indoor environment and therefore should not be subject to more stringent regulations. By analogy, life jackets save lives when on the water (high risk of drowning) however; there is no reason to hop off the boat and wear them on land.

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    Eric Gates 4 months ago

    This ordinance is unconstitutional and isn't even based on science.
    I can decide how I want to protect myself and if I want to protect myself from the virus. If you think that a mask will save you then you wear it but don't force me to wear it!
    People are suffering from wearing masks and masks only make them sick! Yes, they cause skin irritation and bacterial infections. And if you cared enough about people you wouldn't force them to wear masks.
    Tourism industry is suffering because of you! Who would want to come here if they read that masks should be worn everywhere? What kind of vacation is that? What kind of wedding is it where everyone has to wear masks at the reception?
    Shame on you!